Review: Things We Lost In The Fire: Stories by Mariana Enriquez

The twelve short stories in Things We Lost in the Fire center on narratives grounded in the more mundane horrors of modern life in Argentina until they turn macabre and supernaturally sinister. Each story is a gem of darkly creeping horror that fans of luminaries like Shirley Jackson and Kelly Link will love.

While blending horror with regular life is by no means a new concept, what elevates these stories is how seamlessly Enriquez blends the more sinister and fantastic elements of these pieces to frameworks grounded in the real world. Enriquez executes these disparate elements so well that it is sometimes hard to tell where the transition from reality to horror story begins to happen. Partly this is because she doesn’t shy away from addressing the dark history of Argentina nor the modern problems which plague it. Instead of overshadowing the reality, Enriquez uses elements of the horror genre to stare into the dark shadows of her country and record her observations in unflinching and painfully human prose. When the supernatural and unexplained creep into these stories, they are a manifestation of the horrors of reality. This is not a collection for closure. There is no comfort here.

Disclosure: This review is based on an ARC provided by Random House via Librarything Early Reviewers.


Things We Lost In The Fire: Stories by Marian Enriquez
Publication Date:
February 21, 2017
Paperback ARC, 200 pages


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