Review: In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan

Unlike most fantasy book loving children, thirteen year old Elliot Schafer actually gets picked to protect a land which seems to fulfill all his childhood dreams. The Borderlands are full of creatures right out of his favorite stories – elves, trolls, unicorns, harpies, and to Elliot’s lasting delight, mermaids. The offer to stay and attend school there is everything Elliot could ever wish for. However, he quickly comes to realize that the books all lied – enemies can look like friends, darkness can exist anywhere, and he might have just signed on to attending school in the magic equivalent of Sparta.


Review: Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey

Retellings of Shakespeare plays are all the rage these days, so it's not surprising to see a fantasy author tackle the magic rich world of The Tempest. Carey's take widens the play from a tale of Prospero's grand revenge scheme into a story of two children growing up supported by each other while in the power … Continue reading Review: Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey